Hudson River Flow (Uptown Remix)

by Eddie Cleverhand

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Exclusive Warm- Up remix for #NegusBeLike Album.

Video Shot by Dr. Reino available:


I don't kiss You
Just get Mine and keep steppin
The shit talk starts when the fuckers feel threatened
Using words like a weapon
But I'm on track bettin'
Middlefinger the devils and get on wit My lessons
Born a bastard prolly die one too
Baptized off the blunts and the brew
But what the fuck is it to You?
At least what I'm livin is true
Roll through life dolo wit no crew
No more asking for help
(But) Perhaps I could use a few clues
Think I came to lose?
Ya couldn't walk a block in My shoes
Spent a lifetime paying My dues
So now it's time to do what I choose
Cause foul and wild come in multiples of 2's...
Like 20 Questions
But Fuck that, I answer them shits at My discretion
& Stay on top of My green like salad dressing
Cuz peas and rice up inside the gravy is wavy
Slang Term
Fornicating with these ladies
Devil told My mama "Ima make a fortune off Ya baby"
i popped out and told that nigga get the steppin'
Realize at any time I'm only 10 steps from heaven
Close Ya eyes
Click Ya heels 3 times
Go down the block and cop about 3 dimes
Goin' for broke like if I had free time
But I'm all about My fetti
And some feline
Yes in that order
Flow like water
Go head play Yaself
Dig up in Yo ass for the quarter
Niggaz pillowtalkin' like they tucking in they daughters
But I'm more like doin' the do, brick and mortar.
Fuck sorta I oughta
Or coulda woulda shoulda
You could just show Me the money like Cuba Gooda
& These girls Love Me more than shoes and booger sugar
Or diesel in a needle to fiends up in the gutter
Details of My life'll have Moms like "How could Ya"
Might not have fucked My Pops if She coulda seen the future
Truth is mad expensive and it hurts more than sutures
But You can rock that dollar store shit if it suits ya
I'm just tryna be Ya girlfriends favorite producer
Said she got My shit on Vinyl, plus the computer
& Chickens get plucked from BK to Bermuda
Cuz they see a Nigga vision and they lust for the livin'
If life is like a car I'm tired of being driven
Visions of My children being born into millions
Let Me stop comparing Myself to these everyday civilians
It's not that I'm better
Just more focused
Like a lot of Niggaz rap but it's clear who's the dopest
No hocus pocus
Just a one man opus
So tell the critics they could grope this
& You ain't even romantic just hopeless like My Hoe Bish
But Yo I'm here to take the whole shit
It's like Deebo; "Man & You Know This"
Ya Fam is whoever makes You feel that closeness
Sit back and take notes while I roll this.


released January 14, 2016
Written & Produced by Eddie Cleverhand
Drums by Jay Lateef
Mixed by Kid Brutal



all rights reserved


Eddie Cleverhand Brooklyn, New York

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